Photography Instructors

Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith is in love with the lowcountry and all things in it. Her experience ranges from live music to studio and events. She is a constant learner and approaches life with an honest curiosity. Her skills are always being challenged, and she likes to teach a "think outside the box" mentality to her students.

Her experience in photography has spanned over 12 years, and she has taught the craft to students of all ages.
Upcoming Dates hosted by Stephanie Smith
Saturday the 15th of May 2021
Take a Turn through History - Photography Meetup - Fort Moultrie - 9am - 3 hours
Let's take a turn through history at Fort Moultrie. There is a $10 entrance fee into the park. If you are a fan of military and Charleston history, this is a class you won't want to miss. Great for beginners and keen eyed intermediate level photographers. Pro photographers are invited to also come out and meet some new buddies!
Instructor: Stephanie Smith
$49pp     12 places left
Sunday the 16th of May 2021
Food Photography Meetup - Zen Asian Fusion - 5pm - 2 hours
Explore food photography at Zen Asian Fusion with this fun class. We will talk about plating, lighting, and how to get clean photos that will make your friends jealous. You will want to eat the photos!
Instructor: Stephanie Smith
$35pp     12 places left
Saturday the 22nd of May 2021
Learn Your Camera Workshop - Charleston Farmers Market - 11am - 2 hours
Join us for this fun learning experience. This is a great opportunity for you to explore your camera, learn tips on how to instantly improve your photos, and practice in a live-learning environment. Beginners and early-intermediate level
Instructor: Stephanie Smith
$35pp     9 places left
Sunday the 23rd of May 2021
Photographing Cemeteries - Photography Meetup - Magnolia Cemetery - 1pm - 2 hours
Cemeteries are beautiful, and sometimes creepy, places. Magnolia Cemetery highlights the beautiful landscape of Charleston while literally holding history in its grounds. This is one of our favorite places with lots of flowers, architecture, and more.
Instructor: Stephanie Smith
$35pp     11 places left
Sunday the 23rd of May 2021
Editing with Lightroom Workshop - Starbucks at Francis Marion Hotel - 4pm - 2 hours
Learn how to use Lightroom for editing your photos from the weekend. If Starbucks is not seating people, we will go over to Marion Square and spread out on the grounds. Bring a blanket just in case.
Instructor: Stephanie Smith
$35pp     12 places left
Saturday the 29th of May 2021
Beginners Photography Class - Downtown Charleston - 10am - 3 hours
Learn to use your cameras settings and to become comfortable using your camera. There will be lots of different opportunities to take photos of a variety of things. Be ready to walk around and explore as you will learn how to operate your camera while you are taking photos.
Instructor: Stephanie Smith
$69pp     only 6 places left
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